Adobe File Icons Collection – File Extension icons

Adobe file icons, here you will find PNG icons of each Adobe Systems software, each of them has a size of 1000px, you can download it for free, it is worth mentioning that these icons are the representation of each extension when saving a file in any software of Adobe.

Adobe Design Brand

Some time ago, the Adobe Design Brand team developed new icons for Adobe Creative Cloud products, these have a completely different and modern look than the ones we already know. The change was implemented in all desktop, mobile and web products, focusing on the acronyms of each program (Extension), emphasizing the new form of the icon file and changing the letters and colors to make the distinction, which generates a great product design unit.

Adobe has a wide range of products, around 100 cloud products and services such as Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud. This time we introduce you to some of the most popular and well-known Adobe products.

PSD icon photoshop
A. Photoshop (PSD)

Lrc CAT extension Adobe
A. Lightroom (CAT)

Pl PLPROJ Prelude extension
A. Prelude (PLPROJ)

Adobe After Icon AECAP
A. After Effects (AECAP)

After Effects icon extension
A. After Effetcs (AEP)

Adobe Premiere Pro icon file
A. Premiere Pro
Adobe Character Animator icon extension
A. Character Animator (PROJ)

Adobe inCopy icon
A. InCopy (ICML)

Adobe XD file icon
Adobe XD

INDD Indesign icon file
A. Indesign (INDD)

Adobe animation XFL
A. Animation (XLF)

Illustrator Ai Extension File icon
A. Illustrator (AI)

Adobe Fuse Icon File
A. Fuse (FUSE)

ASTX Adobe Story
A. Story (ASTX)

MUSE icon File
A. Muse (MUSE)

Dreamweaver WE icon file
A. Dreamweaver (DW)

DN Dimension icon file
A. Dimension (DN)

SeepdGrade icon file
A. SpeedGrade (LOOK)

Lr icon file extension
A. Lightroom
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