Google redesigns the logos of its applications

Google Creative Director Margaret Cyphers commented that “life has changed, but the way people work has also changed.” For this reason they have not been slow to launch Google Workspace in which applications such as Docs, Calendar, Drive, Meet and Gmail coexist. All of these icons have been redesigned in shape and color to achieve group consistency; to get a family feel of services.

According to Google, 10 years ago, when many of its products were first developed, they were created as individual applications that solved different challenges, such as better email with Gmail or a new way to collaborate with Docs. Over time, their products have become more and more integrated, so much so that the lines between their applications have started to blur.

This is the first time that all Google applications have the same style. The new Gmail logo loses its old characteristics such as shadows and more rectilinear contours to acquire more rounded corners and flatter shapes. As a nod to their old identity, they have given greater prominence to the color red in much of the new ‘M’.

new Gmail logo
new Google docs logo
Google Docs
new Google Meet logo
Google Meet
new Google calendar logo
Google Calendar
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