Intel renews its logo to bring a new era of technology

This year 2020 has been characterized by image changes in the most important brands, now it is Intel’s turn.
After nearly 15 years of keeping its brand image intact, Intel has redesigned its logo with the intention of modernizing and accommodating a “new era.” The new Intel logo is characterized by a flat design and minimalism.

It is the third logo update that Intel has made in its 51-year history. The new logo dispenses with the characteristic swirl that enveloped its letters, which are now more squared and have lost the rounded corners. This design is reminiscent of the original logo – which was used from 1968 to 2006.

The typeface is still sans serif, but the change in the terminations of the letters, more straight, without rounded corners, as well as the modification of the and by other more legible ones can be appreciated. It is a simpler and smoother typeface, which has kept the shape intact since the company was founded, this typeface has the name of IntelOne

As for the color, it has a set of blues that it combines in the different presentation versions of the logo (the contrast of light and dark tones is sought). In fact, the point of the i is a square that receives a different shade of blue in each version.

This rebranding is accompanied by the presentation of its new 11th generation Core PC processors and a new chip brand, Evo. But while the updated design is stylish, it aims to convey a fresh look and adapt to current trends.

11th-gen processors marquee intel
11th-gen processors marquee Intel
logo Intel png

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