Very creative and cool 404 error page examples

On more than one occasion we have come across a page with a 404 error, there are web pages that chose to give the 404 page a little more creativity and thus get out of the routine.

What is a 404 error page?

A 404 error page is used to communicate to the user that the server has returned an “HTTP 404 Not Found” error, this means that it has not been possible to find the content that this section of the site should contain.

The 404 error is one of the most common, and it often happens when websites do any of the following:

  • They changed domain or structure.
  • They migrated from server.
  • They deleted or moved that content.
  • They removed the entire site.
  • You entered through a broken link.
  • Or you just misspelled the url.

The importance of 404 pages

Having a 404 error page contributes to a good user experience. As you can imagine, ignoring your 404 errors is one of the main mistakes when creating a site or online store, and this has some consequences that can affect you in different aspects.

When the website administrator does not take into consideration a custom 404 page, in most cases browsers (such as Chrome or Firefox) provide a 404 page by default, which of course does not help much in terms of UX. .

What is a custom 404 error page?

A personalized 404 page is a page that is created to communicate to your visitors that you have had that error, but with an interface that maintains your colors, fonts, communication tone and multimedia graphics based on the identity of your company.

In summary terms, we can say that you must have a personalized 404 error page because it will help you to continue growing since you will retain your users and increase your conversions, it will also help you not to lose customers and visitors to your site, who can make some important action for you and your business.

Important elements of a custom 404 page

These are some characteristics that we have been able to collect, although it is not a definitive list, they will help you in customizing a 404 page.

Call-to-action: You must take visiting users to a section where they will receive the information they expected to do.

Generate engagement: the designers and communication people behind the best 404 error pages know exactly how to reach and connect with you. That is why these pages are designed with creativity and ingenuity.

Congruent with your brand: sites with a good personalized 404 page, maintain their communication tone and visual identity, completely depart from the typical blank and boring 404 page.

Fun: Creativity and humor are usually part of the design of a good 404 page, after all its purpose is to surprise you or make you smile.

Ejemplos de las mejores páginas de error 404

Estos ejemplos pueden ayudarte a inspirarte para personalizar el diseño de tu página 404, son una gran referencia de ejecución y han sabido convertir un error en una oportunidad, cautivando a sus usuarios y ganando la lealtad de sus clientes:


lego 404 page


NASA 404 page

3. Marvel

Marvel 404 page

4. Ikea

Ikea 404 page

5. PlayStation

PlayStation 404 page

6. Spotify

Spotify 404 page

7. Crehana

Crehana 404 page

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