They closed my Shutterstock account I lost time and money

To this day I keep wondering why Shutterstock decided to close my account, I wasted the time and money I had invested in my jobs.
When I found out that Shutterstock could make money just by uploading photos or vectors, I decided to create new material so that I could earn some extra money, I had already been uploading new material for about two years, I was absent for about six months and suddenly a Mail from Shutterstock mentioning that my account has been banned for inciting hatred.

My shutterstock account

I immediately contacted those responsible and until today they have not been able to give me more information, they only tell me that I violated the terms of the platform.
The material that I uploaded were vectors of maps of states and countries such as history books, I also uploaded logos that I designed, I could not even remove what I had already generated because my account was simply blocked, the support refused to review my account minutely.
And that was one of the reasons I am not selling on Shutterstock again.

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