Copic Marker – Graphic Artists Favorite Bookmarks

One of the basic tools of any artist is the marker; but they are not just any marker pen. Copic or Copic Marker markers are favorites of many designers, art directors, illustrators, and other artists.

Drawing with a tablet has multiple advantages over any other traditional method, but what you cannot reproduce is the feeling of doing it on paper. Artists from all over the world practice traditional illustration making use of different resources, but among them there is one that stands out for its popularity and is even a very widespread practice in the different fields of graphic design.

Variety of Copic Colors
Variety of Copic Colors

And if you still did not know of its existence, here we tell you everything you need to know about Copic markers and how they will become your favorite tools.

What are Copic Markers?

Copic Marker is a Japanese brand of art markers. It is manufactured by a Japanese company known as Too; but it is distributed by Imagination International and Notions Marketing in the United States and Canada. Learn the 9 techniques to draw in pencil like a pro.

Initially these refillable markers were made with the Japanese manga industry in mind; But it became so popular that it became well known among artists of different styles of art, graphic designers, illustrators, etc.

Why Copic Markers Are So Popular

These markers work with an alcohol and ink base, and they paint in almost the same way as a watercolor, with the advantage of drying much faster when applied. This feature makes it much easier to create shadow effects because colors blend naturally, giving illustrations a very professional finish.

Illustration with Copic Markers
Illustration with Copic Markers

The most widespread use of Copic Markers is for the design of manga characters and even the same brand (in Japan) promotes them with that intention.

These alcohol-based markers have more than 358 colors and 4 types of markers: Original, Sketch, Ciao, Wide and Comic, we will talk about each one later.

Copic markers main features

Copic markers are known to be one of the highest quality alcohol-based markers on the market.

And if you are concerned about the relationship between the alcohol in these markers and your drawings, you can rest assured that they have a permanent, non-toxic and acid-free ink. This is super beneficial because they produce softer and easier to blend colors.

Advantages of Using Copic Marker Markers

The great advantage of Copic markers is that they are refillable markers and you can also mix them to create unique colors.
Copic Marker tips are also replaceable if they naturally wear out or become damaged.

Advantages of Using Copic Marker Markers
The great advantage of Copic markers is that they are refillable markers and you can also mix them to create unique colors.
Copic Marker tips are also replaceable if they naturally wear out or become damaged. Copics guarantee a 3-year shelf life for each product.

One very cool feature of Copic markers is that they have their own color labeling system which is very useful for artists.

Main types of Copic Marker

Before talking about the differences between the Copic Marker types, we will start by telling you about what they have in common and about their differences. What the Copics have in common:

  • All are rechargeable
  • They all use the same high-quality, alcohol-based ink
  • They have two tips at each end and are replaceable
  • What makes Copic markers different:
  • The shape of the tip
  • The range of colors
  • The price
Main types of Copic Marker
Different Copic Markers

Copic Marker: Classic Markers

The Copic Marker is the classic model of the brand and is intended for professional use due to its square shape to allow a more precise grip.

It has 2 tips (replaceable) at the ends, one of them wide and the other thin. Its ink is refillable and its color gamut is 214.

Copic Classic

Has more ink than other Copic markers and a variety of 9 nib options. They come with chisel and bullet tips by default; but you can choose from the 7 additional tip shapes. Colored pencils for drawing, which are the best?

They are used to make any type of basic design and are also compatible with the Copic airbrushing system.

Brush Tip Markers: Copic Sketch

Copic Sketch brush tip markers are the favorite marker collection of manga illustrators and hobbyists.

It was designed with the artistic sector in mind with an oval body and tips similar to those of the classic model, but with a thicker tip of the brush.

Copic Sketch
Copic Sketch

Being a premium model, it has a range of 358 colors that is why it is the favorite of many and has the same cost as the classic model. Its tips are also replaceable and its ink is refillable.

Copic Ciao Markers

Copic Ciao markers are the brand’s low-cost line and feature 180 colors. But it maintains the characteristics of the others as it is a rechargeable model with interchangeable tips. These markers can be used for beginners, teenagers and children. Test: What kind of designer are you? Do you hate Comic Sans? Is coffee your stalwart?

Copic Ciao
Copic Ciao

Their price is lower because they come in fewer colors and contain less ink (they will need to be refilled frequently).

If you are thinking of giving these Copic markers to a child, then it is a good choice! The caps were designed with small air holes to prevent suffocation.

Copic Wide the best markers to draw lettering

This marker is the largest of all and is usually used to fill wide spaces, not for details. If you want to make small illustrations on an A4 sheet it is not the best option.

Get one only if you are going to make drawings with large markers, although it can also be used for lettering or calligraphic designs.

Copic Wide
Copic Wide

These lettering markers are only available in 36 different colors. They are not double sided; but the wide tip can be exchanged for another tip option.

Copic Markers can be identified by their color code. This code is a combination of letters or numbers found at both ends of your marker. You can use the colors to practice these 6 exercises to draw step by step.

The letters identify the color family, the first digit represents the mixing group, and the last digit refers to the intensity of the color.

The letters identify the color family
The letters identify the color family

Finally, to determine if one color will blend easily with another, you have to check the marker code to make it as close as possible.

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