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If you are looking for a web page similar to Dafont then Gooova Fonts is a good alternative, on this website you can upload free fonts and add a PayPal donation link, you can also add information about your font so that many more know your work, the review and approval only takes a few hours, in Gooova fonts users can vote for their favorite font and position the most downloaded fonts, follow the following steps to publish your font.

  • You can register from the registration form then you must check your email to know the session data.
  • Now you must click on the airplane icon, here you must fill in the information related to your source, it is important that the source is not in folders and must be compressed in ZIP format, the review usually takes a few hours and that is how easy a one is published fountain at Gooova Fonts.
submit font
Submit font

Upload a free font
Upload a free font
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Hello! I'm Marco Antonio, better known in the design world as Antonee. I'm passionate about exploring the universe of visual expression in all its forms. As a systems analyst, SEO manager, photographer, and graphic designer, I'm the founder of Gooova Studio, a space to showcase all of my work.


  • Excellent resource for learning more about Goova Fonts. For my forthcoming work, I plan to employ several fresh and free typefaces that I found on

  • Great! Very helpful information about Goova Fonts. I am going to register on and use new and free fonts for my upcoming projects.
    Thank Yoy for sharing this informative blog.

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