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January 15, 2022

Logotic logo design

The Logotic logo has been designed with a modern and distinctive approach. It combines the letters “l” and “g” to form a unique symbol that represents the brand’s identity. These two letters intertwine in a creative manner, creating a fluid and harmonious shape.

The logo design conveys a sense of movement and dynamism, reflecting Logotic’s innovative and ever-evolving nature. The smooth and curved lines of the symbol give it an elegant and streamlined appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

The brand name, “Logotic,” is presented alongside the symbol in a Sans serif typeface, which provides a sense of clarity and legibility. This unadorned font choice is made to focus attention on the symbol and convey a modern and professional image.

Collectively, the Logotic logo is a distinctive visual representation of the brand. It combines the creativity and dynamism of the symbol with the clarity and professionalism of the Sans serif typeface used for the name. This design aims to capture users’ attention and convey the idea of a web platform with a wide range of brand logos available for download.


Design a logo for a web platform

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    Brand Identity

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    Logo Design

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