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KonGo Blog logo design

The KonGo Blog logo is designed to reflect the essence of the CMS and its connection to the Congo. The central element of the logo is the face of a gorilla, a native animal of the Congo and a symbol of strength and power. The gorilla is depicted in a stylized and modern manner, with clean lines and simple shapes, giving it a contemporary look.

The gorilla faces forward, conveying determination and confidence. Its expression reflects the idea of a solid and robust blog platform that inspires users to share their stories and knowledge. Additionally, the gorilla also symbolizes the connection to nature and the importance of preserving the environment.

Accompanying the gorilla design is the name of the CMS, “KonGo”. The name is represented in an elegant and legible font, highlighting the CMS’s identity. The choice of capitalizing the “K” and “G” emphasizes the CMS’s name and its connection to the gorilla and the Congo.


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