My Illustration of the Cueca Chapaca a Bolivian dance

The woman consists of a hat, a blanket with flower ornaments, inside she wears a blouse, a short skirt and a pair of sandals, the colors of the clothes usually vary and in each dance she can see new styles and colors, the man wears a hat accompanied by a shirt, vest and pants in addition to sandals, in some regions they are used to wearing a poncho and a handkerchief cannot be missing.

You can freely use the designs for any educational activity, you have the option of downloading the full-color and black-and-white illustrations for coloring, and there are also PDF files if you want to print them.

Pareja cueca tarijeña
Cueca Chapaca para dibujar y pintar
Vestimenta Cueca Chapaca (Mujer)
Vestimenta de cueca tarijeña para colorear
Ilustración cueca tarijeña para dibujar
Vestimenta Cueca Chapaca (Hombre)
Cueca Bolivia para colorear
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