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DUNE typography

The new science fiction film directed by Denis Villeneuve already has a typeface for the film, I was looking for the indicated font but apparently it is Canadian aboriginal symbols. If you install these files they will not be visible, what you should do is copy the symbol from: Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics. Although after all it does not have much science, it only uses a symbol which is flipped to generate the other letters. That’s the font that matches the one we saw on the posters. What I did was use the unicode font that I mentioned earlier and used the letter D to generate the remaining letters.

At the request of many, I will repeat it once more follow these steps:

  • Download the Aborinal Sans font (Link in Button).
  • Install the font.
  • Copy aboriginal symbols that D U N E
  • Paste the symbols in your favorite editor
  • Select Aboriginal Sans Font

Remember, the Aboriginal font does not contain the letters DUNE, you must use Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics , copy those symbols and paste them wherever you want, so that the computer recognizes those symbols, install Aboriginal Sans. In short you only need to copy the unicode symbols.

unicode Dune Font
Aboriginal Sans

Post Updated

It’s been a while since Dune was released in theaters and there are designers who took the time to design the fonts for the film, see which of the two is the one you are looking for, credits to the author.

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