How to Convert a base64 font to TTF or OTF

Converting base64 font back to ttf or otf

In this tutorial I will teach you how to convert base64 fonts to ttf, otf or woff files, it is very easy, you just have to follow the steps correctly. To convert from base64 to font, you only need base64 encoding, make sure it is an encoded font, example: copy the entire base 64 into a code editor or notepad, remove “data:font/woff2;charset=utf-8;base64,” (Don’t forget to delete the last comma of base64).

base64 woff decode
Font base 64

Now copy all the encoding and decode in download the .bin file from the bottom of the page.

decode base 64 font
Decode base64

The last step, now you need to convert the .bin file to the format you need, it can be ttf, otf or woff, convert to font from: you just need to select the .bin file and convert to font. The website will send you a compressed file where your font is located.

convert ttf
format: ttf, woff, woff2 and otf
how to convert encoded source to otf or ttf
Font files
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